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Ημερολόγιο > 22/6/2016  Σεμινάρια - Μαθήματα

ICDA workshops for Actors and acting students with personal casting (audition) and certificate in English in Athens on this Sunday the 26th or this Saturday the 25th! Only two spots left!

The new ICDA Workshop with: 

Actors' s Agent Miles Antony (Agent of Actors starring in the Dark Knight & Harry Potter) & Film Producer Anthony Hayles (of Carnaby international with films like Star Wars) will take place on this Sunday the 26th or this Saturday the 25th . Only two spots left!

For Ordino members

Last minuteBring a friend - 50% off for the 2nd participant / single 30% off. 

ICDA Workshop price: 100 € per person (late submission fee).

Submissions with resume and headshot at: icdaworkshops@gmail.comEmail reference: Ordino.

There will be a selection among submissions. The participants will be called upon instant payoff (due to the fact that the workshop takes place at the end of this week). Please let us know asap with respect to pay off and we will email you the sides (dialogue) for your mock pair casting session! 

The workshop is in English.

Contact number: 6983021466 Christina Noland.

In this ICDA workshop, the participants will have a mock pair casting session with sides of the feature Blue Moon UK, screenplay by Anthony Hayles and co-produced by Quantum Film (Miles Anthony & Anthony Hayles). Blue Moon is in pre-production and set to film in late 2016. Attached to it is the Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou.

Internationally, an Actor’s Agent works together with each actor he represents with respect to film, TV series and commercial work. Miles Anthony in specific, is an agent who is in friendly terms with the actors he represents, advising and guiding them in each and every aspect of their career in the show business (e.g networking events with directors, producers, casting directors etc.)

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ICDA Workshops welcomes you for your interest and support. See you there!