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Ημερολόγιο > 4/3/2021  Νέα

Greek actress writes thank-you note in Persian for Iranian director

Greek actress Christina Sotiriou (Χριστίνα Σωτηρίου), who is appearing in the Iranian TV series ‘Salman the Persian’, has written a thank-you note in Persian for the show’s director Davoud Mir-Baqeri.

Christina Sotiriou wrote the message in a book of a Greek artist’s paintings, which she recently presented to the filmmaker after her arrival to Iran for acting her role in ‘Salman the Persian’.

“Thank you very much for the love you showed me as well as your advice and the beautiful conversations we had. Your memory will always remain in my heart as a second father to me,” she wrote in the book with the help of Iran’s cultural attache in Greece before returning to Iran.

Before returning to Iran, Sotiriou met Iran’s cultural attache in Greece, Mehdi Nikkhah-Qomi.

During the meeting, she thanked the office of Iran’s cultural attache for its efforts to enhance cultural and artistic ties between Tehran and Athens.

Sotiriou also spoke about her previous visit to Iran, saying the Iranian people are “civilized” and the country is “beautiful”. She also expressed hope to visit the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd.

The Greek actress noted that she plays “one of the main roles in the series”, hailing the Iranian cinema as “professional”.

Σχετικό link: https://en.ifilmtv.com/News/Content/33196?En

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